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t h e  g o l d e n  t r i o

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the dance 4:38!!!!!

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Sexy Dylan O’Brien dancing like the total dork he is. you’re welcome

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Yessss, work that bodyyy! (x)

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For the First Time in Forever Reprise (No Instruments)

I love how you can hear only their voice and the sound of the winds

So amazing!! I love the reprise song the best, and I’ll never get tired of these “No instruments” Frozen songs!

seriously how do people make these 

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it’s okay to cry // songs to listen to when everything is just too much and you need a good cry [listen]

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Fall 2014 Anime List

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My offer just sent me an adorable revision guide and I think it included a condom

it was a tea bag



My offer just sent me an adorable revision guide and I think it included a condom

it was a tea bag

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I am a princess

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Welcome to Platform 9¾ | 1 / 307 Next »

I'm Jessica, but I hate my name and am strongly considering to changing it to Jezebel. I live in California and although there's a lot of moving around in my future until I decide where to go to college I really love it here. My birthday is the 23rd of March, I like that. The date and the whole being alive thing. Both are pretty nifty. I love Glee, TVD, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Disney, Darren Criss, Merlin, Sherlock, and a whole lot more that would go on forever if I put it all on here. Also Netflix makes me like more and more things. Damn that Netflix!

I honestly have no personality unless I'm writing, I like to sing and I really love movies and television which is part of the reason why I hope to eventually become an actress, the other part is because when you're an actor you become part of a family that's always there and that's something I want more than anything.

I'm a mediocre photographer and I'm terrible at drawing but sometimes I like to do it anyways. I have a really bad habit of always starting things and never finishing. For example the five almost finished books I've attempted to write. I'm great at short stories though! I have no idea how to make gifs, so I mostly just like and reblog with the less and less rare word post. This is probably getting really boring now and I doubt anyone will actually read it completely, so I'll just stop now.

Also I should add that I'm a little OCD and the fact that this is almost but not quite as long the 'people I follow' section on the other side of my page bothers me considerably. I will attempt to fix that.

Almost there...

Very close now...

There. That should do it.

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